Playlist for 8/21/09

Silk Flowers / The Urxed (Rob from High Places) show tomorrow night @ UCI, check Acrobatics Everyday for more info.

Also here is that wacky Dark Meat show I was at: A / B

Artist - Track - Album

The Fiery Furnaces - Chris Michaels - Blueberry Boat
Dark Meat - When The Shelter Came - When The Shelter Came EP

Dash Jacket - My Imagination - 'Some Songs'
Silk Flowers - Running out of Rope - Silk Flowers
Naked on the Vague - All Aboard - Blood Pressure Sessions
Sugar Sugar Sugar - Sen Dong Bang Bao - Live at Cap Hansens Bar September 6, 2008

Arcesia - Mechanical Doll - Reachin'
Gutevolk - Voice in a Pool - The Humming of Tiny People
Sian Alice Group - First Song-Angelina - Troubled, Shaken Etc.

Olekranon - I Know You Still Want Me Dead - Recycle Human Lung
HEALTH - We Are Water - Get Color
Landed - Tip of the Whip - Liver + Lungs

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sei Note in Logica: Part II - Sei Note in Logica

Mountains - Telescope - Choral
High Places - Gold Coin - High Places

Claire Bloom - The Diamond Necklace - Stories of Guy de Maupassant

Psychic Ills - I Take You As My Wife Again - Mirror Eye
David Tagg - Nautical Dusk - Wind Blown Guitar

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