Playlist for 7/24/09

Ugh we're using our backup CD2 player and it kept skipping and it ended up throwing my show order out of whack.

Sorry if the show seemed random today :(

Made in Mexico show tonight!
More info @ Acrobatics Everyday

Artist - Track - Album

Tanake - Loft Serenade - 3ree
Gay Beast - Revolt Revolt - Second Wave

The Light Rays - LSD Palm Trees - The Light Rays
Brian Glaze - Leader of the Band - Green Living

Next Life - Vanished - Electric Violence
Pixeltan - Runaround - Pixeltan EP
Ween - Pork Roll Egg and Cheese - The Pod

Lead Sister II - Interplanetary Craft 1 - Interplanetary Craft
Battlehooch - Samba - Piecechow

[Kwanzaa Party]

The Mae Shi - The Mae Shi vs. Miley Cyrus See U Again - n/a
Coconot - Tao - Cosa Astral
Discovery - Osaka Loop Line - Discovery

Bygones - Click on That (Smash the Plastic Death) - By-

Tom Vek - C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) - We Have Sound
Mika Miko - I Got a Lot (New New New) - We Be Xuxa
Thomas Function - This Ain't No Hussle - Vanity Lights EP
Wives - We'd Never Assume That - Erect The Youth Problem

Made In Mexico - International Zombie - Athletic Automaton & Made In Mexico Split EP
Lightning Bolt - Dead Cowboy - Hypermagic Mountain

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