Playlist for 4/29/09


Hey guys we're in the midst of our annual fund drive in which we try to collect funds and keep the man from shutting us down.

Help support the only decent radio station in orange county, donate please!!

kuci.org / (949) 824-5824

There's also a show tonight @ UCI, check Acrobatics Everyday!

Artist - Track - Album

The Lift Boys - Anarchy Village - Anarchy Village/Anarchy Way
Walter Franco - Mixturação - Ou Não

Cryptacize - Mythomania - Mythomania
Mumrik - André Agassi - To Steal a Picture
Mark Roberts - Metro Station - St. Petersburg: Field Recordings
Shocking Pinks - Cutout - Shocking Pinks

The Mayfair Set - Cease To Be - Troubleman Unlimited 12"
Iasos - MAHA-Splendor - Inter-Dimensional Music
Tiny Hawks - Signal Meets a Signal - People Without End
Dent May - College Town Boy - The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

Jena Malone And Her Bloodstains - Greeneyed Monster - The Social Club Nº1 7"
Chen Santa Maria - Tic Taxed - Chen Santa Maria
Micachu - Vulture - Jewellery

Sisters - So Long - Everybody
Barn Owl - The Twirling Tusks Of The Mouth Of God - Barn Owl
Sein Sah Thin - Really Strange and Weird Things - Princess Nicotine: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 1

Clipd Beaks - Wrathscapes - Hoarse Lords
Thuja - Track 6 - Suns
Pumice - Stopover - Pebbles

The Rippers - My Promise - Why Should I Care About You? [CD player failed on this one]
RTFO Bandwagon - Public Relations Rag - Dums Will Survive
The Dagons - You Kill The Dream - Teeth for Pearls

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